Simple, honest food, 100% fresh

We have one main goal: To create the ultimate burrito using the best of Irish produce while using traditional Mexican techniques.


At Burritos & Blues Restaurants, what you see is what you get. All our food is prepared in front of you while you wait, using the best quality, fresh from the market ingredients prepared daily. Wherever possible, we use only Irish produce.


Three-times a day, we create our famous Burritos & Blues Guacamole from mashed avocados and all of our salsas are prepared in-house from scratch. Finally, our Mexican Spiced Rice is put on the stove and cooked gently for 3 – 4 hours.


All meat is 100% certified Irish and is never frozen or reheated. We slow cook our pork for hours until it’s pull-apart tender. Our juicy, succulent steak and tender chicken is marinated in a blend of chillies and secret spices overnight before being grilled to perfection according to demand, each day.

All of these tasty elements get rolled together to make an unbelievable burrito.
As we say:

Usually when you roll something this good, its illegal!!